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About the Federation

The Federation's structure and the organisation of its activities are specifically designed to meet the Federation's objectives in the most effective way possible.

They are designed:

  • to enable efficient and productive negotiations with the official side
  • to ensure that Federation policy is determined democratically and so as to meet the interests of the membership as a whole
  • to fulfil the Federation's duty to its membership
  • to meet the needs of a disciplined, specialised and national police force

To these ends, the Federation embodies a hierarchical structure, resting on the branches, the very foundation of the Federation. These are at each of the establishments policed by the CNC: Dounreay, Chapelcross, Sellafield, Springfields, Capenhurst, and Harwell, and in the near future at the Constabulary Training School, presently represented by Sellafields Branch and Headquarters, presently represented by the Harwell Branch.

The supreme authority of the Federation is the Annual Conference. Delegates from each of our branches consider policy and receive reports on business conducted during the year. Conference may also debate resolutions about improving conditions of service and related matters or revise the Federation rules and constitution.

The National Executive Committee meets quarterly to take care of the routine management of the Federation's business. It is composed of the National Officers (the Federation's Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary and Finance Officer and two elected members). The NEC and its sub-committees are responsible for negotiating and consulting with the Chief Constable, the CNC Senior Officers and the CNC. The Federation also has access to the CNC Police Committee. The Chairman or Secretary attend meetings of the CNCPC as an observer.

Chairman - Mr. Mark Nelson
Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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