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Drink and drugs tests not a replacement for officers

Cameras in police vans could help promote transparency

One in six police officers 'planning to leave'

Thrifty forces have been 'punished'


Please watch Our Pensions Video

14 December

Pension Age - House of Commons debate

12 December

Foundation Collective Agreement

30 November

Q and A with Chief Executive Nigel Dennis after announcement that officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary now have pay parity with their Home Office colleagues

15 November

Correspondence from the Scottish Government Justice Secretary to the Minister for Energy and Industry regarding CNC Pension Age

10 November

Letter from Minister for Energy and Industry to Chief Executive CNPF regarding Pension Age

6 November

Correspondence from BEIS Minister Richard Harrington MP response to Patricia Gibson MP - CNC Federated ranks Normal Pension Age

19 October

Minister to consider all relevant evidence regarding Normal Pensions Age issue for CNC

18 October

Hansard - Patricia Gibson MP raises the issue of CNPF retirement age

13 October

Patricia Gibson MP letter to BEIS Minister Richard Harrington MP

6 October

How many 68 year old terrorists have you seen on the streets of the UK?

27 September

Police Family comes together at National Police Memorial Day

14 September

Civil Nuclear Police Federation submission - Autumn Budget 2017 - Budget Representation

14 September

Chief Executive's Blog: The CNC police officer pension age is not fit for purpose

8 September

Shadow Police Minister highlights "clear security risk" of 68-year-old Armed Police Officers

30 August

Chief Executive's Blog: 70 year old Armed Police Officers would be a significant security and safety risk to the UK

15 August

Master copy of Insurance Scheme Benefits Brochure

10 July

Chairman's Blog: Policing is physically demanding - can our members really be expected to work until 68?

27 July

Chairman's Blog: Views on a proposed merger with MDP and BTP

5 July

EuroCOP publication - CNPF contribution on Age and Disease

30 May

"Farewell To A Friend" - Police Constable Andrew Millward

30 May

CNC Police Firearm's Unit about to be deployed

28 May

CNC Police Officers making their contribution in these challenging times in keeping the Public in the Cities of England and Wales safe

10 May

Police Professional article - Fitness champions

7 May

BBC feature on the Civil Nuclear Constabulary

27 Apr

Pensions update

26 Apr

BEIS Minister Jesse Norman MP following his misinformed letter to the Scottish Justice Minister about our current pension position

5 Apr

National Police Memorial Day September 2017. Registration

29 Mar

Letter to Minister at BEIS - Pensions

14 Mar

Vauxhall Sales Event 17th -21st March 2017

10 Mar

MSG Cars - New VW Golf 1.4 TSI SE Nav

10 Mar

Corsa Energy ecoFLEX - save £2,618

8 Mar

HMG Treasury correspondence Pensions - 6th March 2017

8 Mar

Alpha Scheme Pension date postponed by HMG Treasury

3 Mar

Circular - Pensions infrastructure Policing update

27 Feb

CNPA/CNC Human Rights and Equality Impact Assessment on the Alpha Pension Scheme

27 Feb

Letter from Jesse Norman MP - Minister for Energy and Industry

21 Feb

Letter to the First Minister of Scotland Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP

8 Jan

Correspondence to Mr Jesse Norman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

22 Nov

Press coverage of potential proposal of New armed police to protect UK's infrastructure

4 Nov

CNPF CEO Nigel Dennis & Chairman Mark Nelson meeting with Baroness Neville-Rolfe Minister of State at BEIS

5 Oct

2016 Pay award

24 Sept

CNPF Chief Executive speech at House of Commons reception September 2016

1 Sept

CN Police Federation v CN Police Authority(CO/244/2016) final approved judgment

1 Sept

CN s10 JR approved order for costs

31 August

Minister Must Intervene

24 August

BBC - Civil nuclear police: Working to 65 'physically impossible'

23 August

News Release: Issued on behalf of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation

12 August

Letter to Minister of State Baroness Neville Rolfe

27 July

Observation on CNPA/CNC proposed normal pension age

22 July

CNC inspector Richard Kemsley Swims across English channel to raise funds for the Yellow Submarine Charity

21 July

Correspondence from our insurance broker -Phillip Williams - Travel Insurance

20 July

CNPA Annual Report 2015-16

19 July

CNPA strategy and Business Plan 2016-19

12 July

Police Treatment Centre News letter

9 July

Correspondence to Alex Chishom Permanent Secretary at the Department of Energy and Climate Change - from Jamie Reed MP regarding the proposed pension age for CNC federated ranks

8 July

Police Education Qualifications - Framework

7 July

Police Remuneration Review Body - Report 2 Public Sector pay rise

6 July

Civil Nuclear Police Federation obtain an apology from the Daily Star over erroneous publication concerning the Civil Nuclear Constabulary

6 July

Letter to Ms Andrea Leadsom MP , Minister of State at the Department of Energy and Climate Change; Pension Age for CNC federated

26 June

CNC Attendance Managerment Policy and Procedure

1 June

Erroneous article published in the Daily Star - 29/05/2016

30 May

Police treatment centre

26 May

Menopause - an occupational issue of growing importance

25 May

Hansard - House of Lords - 24 May 2016

21 May

Jamie Reed MP (labour) raises retirement issue through an Early Day Motion

19 May

Guardian article - "Fears - armed - Officers - suspects"

13 May

Scottish National Party (SNP) is leading a parliamentary campaign over the lack of parity between the retirement age of officers in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and those in Home Office forces

11 May


11 May

CNPF support the Police Federation of Northern Ireland " We are you campaign"

10 May

Insurance Scheme - Master Policies added

1 May

"Old age question at the CNC" Published article - April 2016

30 Apr

"European Confederation of Police information" - April 2016

27 Apr

Home Office briefing on Infrastructure Policing Project

19 Apr

CNC and Home Office sign collaboration agreement

16 Apr

Force will take government to High Court over retirement row

14 Apr

Letter to Minister Re: Pensions

1 Apr

Civil Nuclear Constabulary Duty Planning Manual V7

29 Mar

Insurance Policy

18 Mar

Judicial Review - Pensions

12 Mar

Collage of Policing "Reporting Concerns"

9 Mar

Overtime and Holiday Pay Agreement

9 Mar

FOI response from CNPA - Pension complaints

9 Mar

FOI response from CNPA - health and safety investigations

7 Mar

This is what we do

19 Feb

Judicial Review Acknowledgement of Service...

16 Feb

Pension Age for CNC federated-ranks

16 Feb

Freedom of Information request

11 Feb

CNPA future pension arrangemnets

10 Feb

DECP operations agreement

4 Feb

Draft Biannual Federation Meeting Notes

27 Jan

Potential Normal Pension age of CNC Federated ranks


Chairman - Mr. Mark Nelson
Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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