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Drink and drugs tests not a replacement for officers

Cameras in police vans could help promote transparency

One in six police officers 'planning to leave'

Thrifty forces have been 'punished'


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20 April

Foundation Collective Agreement and Corporate Communication 17 April 2018

20 April

Foundation Collective Agreement and Corporate Communication 17 April 2018

20 April

CNPA Strategic Plan 2018

17 April

Foundation Collective Agreement and Corporate Communication 17 April 2018

8 April

"The Civil Nuclear Constabulary is losing skilled and experienced firearms officers… as the reality of a high retirement age hits home. And that's a risk to our country"

8 February

PFEW annual pay review submission

7 February

Minister vows to contact the Treasury over reality of CNC Police Officers' retirement age

7 February

Police Magazine - Public confidence ni policing continues

2 February

Positive meeting with Energy and Business Minister Richard Harrington MP

24 January

Examples of Civil Nuclear Constabulary assimilation onto Winsor pay scales - Federated Ranks; post 1st September 2018

9 January

CNPF 2018 New Year Message

18 December

Letter from minister Richard Harrington 7th December 2017

15 December

CNC Police Federation secures greater protection for officer pay and conditions

14 December

Pension Age - House of Commons debate

12 December

Foundation Collective Agreement

30 November

Q and A with Chief Executive Nigel Dennis after announcement that officers from the Civil Nuclear Constabulary now have pay parity with their Home Office colleagues

15 November

Correspondence from the Scottish Government Justice Secretary to the Minister for Energy and Industry regarding CNC Pension Age

10 November

Letter from Minister for Energy and Industry to Chief Executive CNPF regarding Pension Age

6 November

Correspondence from BEIS Minister Richard Harrington MP response to Patricia Gibson MP - CNC Federated ranks Normal Pension Age

19 October

Minister to consider all relevant evidence regarding Normal Pensions Age issue for CNC

18 October

Hansard - Patricia Gibson MP raises the issue of CNPF retirement age

13 October

Patricia Gibson MP letter to BEIS Minister Richard Harrington MP

6 October

How many 68 year old terrorists have you seen on the streets of the UK?

27 September

Police Family comes together at National Police Memorial Day

14 September

Civil Nuclear Police Federation submission - Autumn Budget 2017 - Budget Representation

14 September

Chief Executive's Blog: The CNC police officer pension age is not fit for purpose

8 September

Shadow Police Minister highlights "clear security risk" of 68-year-old Armed Police Officers

30 August

Chief Executive's Blog: 70 year old Armed Police Officers would be a significant security and safety risk to the UK

15 August

Master copy of Insurance Scheme Benefits Brochure


Chairman - Mr. Mark Nelson
Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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