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How many 68 year old terrorists have you seen on the streets of the UK?

Nigel Dennis, Chief Executive of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation, has been outlining to MPs the security risks of the current Civil Nuclear Constabulary retirement age for police officers.

Recent terrorist attacks in the UK have seen the police officers of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary step up in droves to keep the streets safe.

More than 400 of our members have patrolled the streets of the UK alongside their Home Office colleagues as part of Operation Temperer.

But how many 67, 68 year old terrorists have you seen on the streets of the UK?

These are young, fit, determined, well-motivated attackers, causing chaos on these streets. We must match them with equally well-trained and determined people.

And yet we could be combatting them with 67,68 year old armed police officers.

The Public Service Pensions Act 2013 states that members of the police force are able to access their pension benefits unreduced if they leave active service at 60.

However, our members are exempt for this, meaning that they potentially face working until 67 or 68 to receive their full pension.

Medical science tells us that fitness levels post-60 are in severe decline.

Professor John Brewer's study into police officer fitness tells us that hearing, eyesight and general fitness all decline at the age of 60. And we also have concerns about the musculoskeletal injuries that our members are at risk of carrying their kit at such an age.

Not to mention that it's is hugely unfair.

Why are we asking CNC officers to do the same job as their Home Office colleagues under vastly different working conditions?

This country does not have sufficient armed officers to deal with the continual threat facing the nation so our members - who are largely armed and expertly trained - are key.

But how long can they be expected to maintain these superb standards? Is it safe?

Along with Mark Nelson, Chairman of CNC Federation, we have been meeting with MPs at Parliament to discuss the security risks the prospect of 67 or 68 year old firearms officers poses.

We have spoken to Yvette Cooper MP, Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Louise Haigh, the Shadow Policing Minister, Mike Hall, MP for Hartlepool, and Jamie Stone, MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, about these risks.

From talking to them, it has become quite clear that they understand the plight of our officers and their retirement age and will be raising this in Parliament.

That support is greatly appreciated.

The bottom line is that the current arrangements are neither fair nor safe.

And something must be done about it.