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June 29th 2008

Circular 05/08

Civil Nuclear Police Federation Subscriptions


In accordance with the agreed protocol the Civil Nuclear Police Federation subscriptions will rise in line with the pay award of 2007 that of 2.5%.

    To that end the subscription to your staff association will rise to £12 .00 per month and we will seek that uplift from August 2008

    The information contained in this circular is also to enable members to reclaim the tax on their subscription payments to the Civil Nuclear Police Federation through Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

    The information given in your claim to HMRC should only relate to your period of membership.

Entitlement and approval to a tax repayment on Federation Subscriptions is made on the basis that the Federation's activities fall substantially within Section 201 (3) (A) ICTA 1988

Please can this mail be printed and circulated in order that members of the federation with out access to the e mail system can see it's content.

Thank you for your continued support of your Police Federation.

Kind regards

Nigel Dennis
General Secretary
Civil Nuclear Police Federation.

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Chairman - Mr. Mark Nelson
Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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