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February 23rd 2009

Circular 06/09

Special Priority Payments (SPP)

This is a Home office lead initiative to reward officers who are working in roles that deemed to be:

  • Carrying significantly higher responsibility levels than usual for the rank

  • Having difficulty in recruitment and retention

  • Specially demanding working conditions or environments

The Home office rules state that a maximum of 40% of the Force can be deemed eligible by their role.

The Chief Constable, as accounting officer decides annually which roles are eligible within our Constabulary for the payment. The Federation do not take any part in the decision making process to choose the roles, as this will place the Federation in conflict with the majority of its members.

If you feel that your role should attract the SPP, please lobby your OUC commander/ Dept head stating the reasons why. The SPP payment is made in December of each year following an individual's application; it is taxable but not pensionable.

If as an individual your SPP application has been refused, then please contact your local representative promptly for assistance with an appeal.

Nigel Dennis
General Secretary
Civil Nuclear Police Federation.

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Chairman - Mr. Mark Nelson
Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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