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December 13th 2010

Federation Consultation


No doubt during the course of your duty you hear the comment " We have consulted with the federation on this " giving the impression the Civil Nuclear Police Federation has agreed with CNC/ CNPA Management on the Issue

Firstly, the English dictionary defines consults as the following

" Seek counsel, advice , Information having privilege of consulting but not voting , advisory "

As can be seen from this definition it does not include agreement in any shape or form

The norm should be that CNC/ CNPA should consult with the Staff Associations regarding policies and procedures and issues which affect the welfare and efficiency of the service. They do not require the agreement of the Staff Association before implementing changes unless statutory instrument dictate otherwise

Invariably what we find is that where a decision has been taken to change, implement a new policy etc, which the CNPF has objected to or raised concerns about and indicated it will be unwelcome by our members the CNC/ CNPA trot out the line " The Federation was consulted on this " perhaps hinting that we agreed to it and attempting to deflect criticism . If CNC/CNPA wishes to implement a decision which during consultation ( if it takes place ) the CNPF indicates objection or concerns then they should stand over that decision and not attempt to deflect it onto the CNPF

Furthermore CNPF believes that it is. In the interest of the welfare and efficiency of the CNC to ensure timely consultation takes place prior to decisions having been taken . To do otherwise is to merely to inform this Staff Association and cannot be considered consultation in any way .

Over the last couple of years we have found where this Staff Association is properly consulted at an early stage and our views carefully considered it usually prevents problems , or legal challenges at a later fate


Nigel Dennis
General Secretary
Civil Nuclear Police Federation

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Chairman - Mr. Mark Nelson
Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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