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General Secretary initial response to Winsor report

Winsor Report Independent Review of Police Officer and Staff Remuneration and Conditions - Part 1


Please be advised that you can view the full Part 1 Report via the Civil Nuclear Police Federation web site

It is worthy of note that these are just recommendations at this stage to the Home Secretary . The document is a large one and will take time to read , digest and then read between the lines, Remember all the recommendations have to be agreed through the Police Negotiating Board , so there are many hurdles for this review to jump.

The recommendations made by Mr Winsor if fully implemented will impact on the police service for many years to come so its important to recognise that the publication of his report now needs careful consideration by our employers the Civil Nuclear Police Authority and our umbrella government department DECC on how this will impact on the future terms and conditions of service of Police Officers in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

What is clear we require a strong and confident constabulary where its frontline federated ranks are appropriately remunerated , recognising the unique role we have within the police service and one that believes it is valued by the government and the public we serve

Kind regards

Nigel Dennis
General Secretary
Civil Nuclear Police Federation

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Chairman - Mr. Mark Nelson
Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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