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Lord Hutton - final report on public service pension provision

Dear Colleagues,

On the 10th March 2011 Lord Hutton published his final report on public service pension provision.

I have placed the final report on the Civil Nuclear Police Federation web site

This is a detailed report of over 200 pages containing 27 recommendations that will impact on all public sector pension schemes including our Pension Schemes.

Lord Hutton's recommendations are part of a series of changes being proposed for public service pensions.

It is therefore important that we consider the impact that all these elements may have on our pensions before commenting on specific individual detail.

Any changes to our Pension Scheme must be consulted on within the consultation and negotiation framework we have within the Constabulary with our employers

Please be assured that we will do everything within our means to ensure that the value of our pension reflects the demanding role that our police officers perform on behalf of the government.

I will keep you updated as further information becomes available.

Nigel Dennis
General Secretary
Civil Nuclear Police Federation

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Chief Exec. - Mr. Nigel Dennis


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