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Working Time Directive - Workplace agreement.

Working Time Regulations

The Working Time Regulations are important as they provide workers with basic rights in terms of annual leave; working hours; rest periods; provision for night workers etc.

Collective or workplace agreements can modify provisions on, for example, rest breaks, maximum weekly working hours and night work. Attached is an Agreement between the Chief Constable of the CNC and the CEO of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation, which takes effect from 6 July 2015 and renews the current arrangements, with an important change to point 6, which states that in work rest will be classed as working time. The Agreement applies to all officers of Federated Rank within the Constabulary with some exceptions that are expressly stated in the Agreement. It will be subject to regular review, with the next review date in 2017.

Within the context of renewing the Agreement, it is worth just stressing the importance for all employees of accurately recording their working time, ensuring adequate breaks and managing their leave. This will enable managers to monitor working time and make appropriate and timely interventions where required. It is important that managers monitor working time to identify and manage stressors that may not otherwise be visible.

Click here for a copy of Working Time Directive - Workplace agreement

Nigel Dennis CEO

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