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Erroneous article published in the Daily Star - 29/05/2016

Dear Editor:

I refer to your general article on policing on Saturday 29th May regarding details alleging police misconduct. While I cannot comment on the accuracy of other parts of your story I can assure you that no Civil Nuclear Constabulary Officers of any rank were guilty of being drunk on duty last Christmas.

The incident simply did not happen and it is regrettable that your correspondent did not contact the Civil Nuclear Constabulary for verification of her story.

Our officers take their responsibilities for safeguarding Britain's civil nuclear assets very seriously. As a highly trained professional Police force we have also been more recently entrusted with a key role by Government as a part of the surge response to dealing with a major terrorist incident.

You should apologise for such shoddy journalism unless you presumably subscribe to the dictum: why spoil the story with the facts.


Nigel Dennis
Chief Executive
Civil Nuclear Police Federation