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Chairman: Training needed to support managers in new CNC pay system

Managers need investment and training in how to measure the new performance-related incremental pay that is due to be implemented this year, according to the Civil Nuclear Police Federation.

Chairman Gary Thwaite said: "We're currently in a [incremental] pay freeze which is due to be lifted in September this year, so time's ticking to ensure all managers understand the basic principles of performance management. After September, the incremental pay rise will have a direct link to performance, through annual appraisals system.

"Police pay rises have traditionally been calculated based on the number of years served, but in 2011-12, the Winsor review recommended linking pay to performance and skill.

"Nationally this has been challenging to adopt and the debate still ongoing. How do you quantify performance in the police? How do you quantify skills? Policing is such a diverse profession. Linking pay to areas such as performance skill-base is very difficult."

Gary said: "Basically for CNC officers to achieve an incremental pay rise, they require a satisfactory rating in their annual appraisal. This shouldn't be difficult for any of our members but still we need to ensure a consistent approach is adopted by managers. It needs a focus on performance management.

"I'd like to see the force invest more in the training of managers. Modern organisations promote a culture of learning and development. [Performance Management-related pay] needs to be fair, transparent and overall, supportive. It's not about being punitive."

Gary added that he hoped there wouldn't be any surprises for an officer at the end of their appraisal, and that if managers think an officer's performance is unsatisfactory, they should be given early support to address any issues.

His message to Federation Members (including managers) is to be aware that the changes are coming, and for managers to deal with issues early. He said: "We'll support any colleague and assist them through it if needed. Just come and ask."