Civil Nuclear Police Federation: Meeting the Challenge of Covid-19

The Civil Nuclear Police Federation wants to reassure members that it is working closely with the Force Command Team to ensure their welfare during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented a hugely disruptive challenge to Government, public health, the economy and our public services not seen since the Second World War.

This is a rapidly evolving situation with the Government's response and advice being recalibrated almost daily. It is clear that policing, along with other emergency services, will be called upon to be deployed at unprecedented levels and in extended roles.

CNC police officers have been and will also be very much on the frontline, keeping both the public and UK's Critical Nuclear infrastructure safe and protected from whatever the virus throws at us over the coming weeks and months.

As such, it's important our members know that support and care are available should they have particular concerns about COVID-19.

Gary Thwaite, Federation Chief Executive, says: "Police officers can't work from home, so we've got to be out there. All the back-office functions that support the frontline, they've got to be working as well. Police officers, including the police family as a whole, are by training and experience resilient; we'll work through these challenges together.

"We must, however, address officers' concerns, and we're working together with the Force to do that.

"We're working with the executive and wider command teams closely and I urge our local reps to get involved with their local command teams at each unit to ensure that their specific issues are being addressed at every level."

A People Cell comprising OH and HR professionals has been set up. This new support service has been tasked to provide officers with the information and reassurance they need from trained professionals.

Anybody can call; if they are concerned about vulnerable medical conditions or if their family members have an underlying medical condition or if they develop symptoms, they can call the number and they'll give them professional guidance.

There's also a guidance document on the intranet which talks through a range of situations and together with the People Cell, will be a valuable source which members are already being referred to.

As for the future, the situation is likely to be protracted and challenging on unprecedented levels. Officers will need to be resilient and support each other - it's a joint effort.

Gary adds: "These are unsettling times for officers and their families. We will need to be calm and measured in our response and adapt to each challenge that comes our way. Rest assured that the Federation will continue on your behalf to engage and cooperate with Force Command to ensure that we get through this crisis reputationally intact as a police service and as officers doing an extraordinary job."