PC Daniel Mifsud

December 2021

Meet the Civil Nuclear Police Federation Reps

- Tell us about your career

I joined the Metropolitan Police Service in August 2006 and worked as a response team officer in the London borough of Haringey. I transferred to the CNC in September 2009 and on completion of my initial firearms course I was posted to Hinkley Point which is where I currently still serve as an AFO (Authorised Firearms Officer). I am a trained Project Servator officer, standard response driver trained, and I am also fully accredited in PIP (Post Incident Procedures) as the Hinkley Point unit Federation Rep.

- What made you want to be a Fed Rep?

I have good communication and people skills that I wanted to utilise and I felt I could use my knowledge as an experienced officer to support and benefit my colleagues. When the opportunity to become a Federation Rep came up, I jumped at the chance to volunteer and was successful in securing the Hinkley Point vote, which I'm quite proud of. I suppose in short, I am quite passionate about the welfare of my colleagues.

- Why do you think it's important for members to be supported by fellow officers as their Reps?

This is important as you are doing the same job as your colleagues so have a good understanding of the role and potentially some of the issues or problems that arise. Officers need Reps that they are familiar with as this generates a higher level of trust and confidence in you, as their representative, to offer the necessary support they may need. Being close to my colleagues also gives me a direct understanding on the challenges we face on the frontline.

- Which areas in particular do you focus on?

Due to the diverse nature of policing and needs of my colleagues there is no specific area I focus on, aside from trying to create a positive working environment for all members and making sure that there welfare needs are catered for. I am however quite passionate regarding my colleagues welfare especially promoting a positive mental wellbeing culture. If any of my colleagues are struggling, then please just ask for help. A Federation Rep tends to have a good understanding of a broad range of areas, but if we are unsure we can seek support from other Federation Reps/executive or specialist advisors.

- What should members do if they're concerned about anything?

I would always advise officers with any concerns to approach their Fed Rep. At the very least, we can signpost to the appropriate department or other supportive function. As Fed Feps, we also have a good understanding of policy/process and associated legislation and are able to advise accordingly. Usually processes are there to be supportive and transparent. I often find issues arise when there is a lack of understanding or communication around decisions/process - which can lead to additional stresses for individuals and ultimately affect their health in the worst cases. Again, if anyone is unsure, please just ask.

- Tell us an unusual or interesting fact about yourself?

It may be a surprise to some, but I have completed the London Marathon on two separate occasions.