New Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

June 2022

The Civil Nuclear Police Federation has recently appointed their Treasurer Louise Gibson as their lead in the area of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Louise is looking forward to engaging with all officers and management to promote all strands of diversity that exists within the CNC. I would urge any officer who feels disadvantaged in any way to contact myself or their local Federation rep for assistance.

One of Louise's first duties in her capacity as EDI lead was attending yesterday's British Association of Women in Policing (BAWP) Conference to hear about best practice in areas including flexible working, maternity leave and menopause.

She said: "Sometimes you can be very isolated as a female police officer, especially in the CNC. In some of our smaller units, you could be the only female police officer and armed police officer there. You need somebody to pick up the phone to, and who's going to either be able to tell you then and there how to deal with an issue, or that they can speak to someone who's already been through that.

"Some issues female officers face in the CNC are flexible working, coming back to work after having children, and difficult issues like miscarriage, endometriosis and menopause. Speaking to people who have been through it all before and who are implementing processes and procedures, that's going to be massively valuable to us to have that network and to be able to see that information and gain that experience."

She added: "It's a fantastic opportunity to be able to come to these conferences, and it's a massive honour to be the equality, diversity and inclusion lead for the CNPF."