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Farewell Message from Nigel Dennis - Chief Executive of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation


This week I complete a chapter in my policing career after very nearly 40 years of service with the CNC.

As I open the door and take a deep breath to start the next chapter in my working life in a different environment, I can now reflect on my journey.

I have nothing but fond memories of this organisation, which has allowed me to have a secure and challenging career in a specialist policing environment. None of this would have been possible without the support of my family to whom I am eternally in their debt.

I also owe so much to the colleagues that I have had the privilege to work with at all levels within the organisation, and to my employers who have given me so much, and put up with me when I have a been running sore in what I believed was the right pathway to follow in employer/ employee challenges we both faced.

Together we have achieved so much by building relationships, not walls, and I have every confidence that my successor Gary Thwaite and his team which the the Federation membership have chosen, will take your representative body to a higher level, and I would ask you that you give him the same dependable support you have generously given me over many years.

The current CNC command team in my view are building solid and secure foundations for the future, and will take the CNC to the next level in its unceasing development.

In the privileged position I have held over the last 12 years, I am acutely aware that their voice is being heard and listened to where it matters on the National Stage and they deserve your support.

In the last 10 years the transformation of the CNC in the area of providing protective armed policing services to the Nuclear industry, and the wider general public has been at times nothing short of being breathtaking.

This is in the main been achieved by Federated ranks stepping up as each opportunity presents itself, as it meets and adapts to the challenges head on, and the Chief Officer team that places their trust in your abilities to deliver if called upon in the roles you undertake.

I never underestimate the role our Police Staff have played in the development and evolvement in our organisation, without their constructive engagement in the role I have undertaken in many areas would not have been possible.

I am extremely proud of the very small part I have played in the success, recognition and accolades the CNC quite right receives.

My parting Federation advice to you all is to look after each other, but more importantly is to be kind to each other, and look to be positive in the contribution you all individually make in the specialist armed policing role you undertake.


Warm regards