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"We are looking forward to working with whoever is elected to resolve our long-running pension issues."

Gary Thwaite, Civil Nuclear Police Federation Chairman wants the new Government, whichever party holds the majority following December's General Election, to tackle the long-running issue affecting Federation members' pensions.

The Federation is currently waiting on the remedy to the judges and firefighters pension case to find out how it might affect CNC members. That might take a couple of years, but Gary has said he is determined to continue to keep lobbying for the right outcome.

"We are looking forward to constructively working together with whoever is elected to resolve our long-running pension issues," he said.

"Another area we will be monitoring after the General Election is in regard to any Government's appetite or landscape towards infrastructure policing."

Gary also hopes the new year will bring about increasing collaborative working between the Federation and its fellow national Federation colleagues.

"We have an appetite as a Federation representative body, to build strong relationships with the other national Federations so we can have a collaborative approach and input on common areas that affect all our collective members, such as conduct regulations and firearms - AFO governance for example," he said.

He was also keen to thank local unit Reps in the Federation for all the support they provide members.

"They do brilliant work," he said.

"It's a difficult job that can sometimes be a thankless one. The support they give their colleagues and each other is invaluable, particularly around welfare support, they help save lives, so thank you."