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Christmas and New Year Message From Civil Nuclear Police Federation Chief Executive Nigel Dennis

As I am about to enter into my last year of service after nearly 40 years in this organisation, I can now take the opportunity to reflect on how fortunate I have been to have played a very small part in how the Civil Nuclear Constabulary and the Civil Nuclear Police Federation have evolved into becoming a respected voice within the Policing environment, not only in this country but countries far and wide in which we have developed a foot print.

This has only come about due to the professionalism and willingness of "Team CNC" to adapt to change at an accelerated pace over recent years.

It never ceases to amaze me in the linear strides that have been made in the operational capability and capacity space, where our officers' abilities in adapting to change has been exceptional. Their individual and collective professionalism has shone through.

This does not happen without the necessary skills and professionalism of a command team, that have led from the front, and who place their Officers and staff at the top of their agenda, something that was not always evident in the earlier part of my career.

I do not underestimate the role the Police Federation has played in achieving these changes either, we have gone from being considered - frankly - as on the brink of becoming irrelevant, to being a respected voice in Police representative services across Europe.

I have been fortunate in my career to have travelled the world operationally, and to have the opportunity to meet and train some exceptional people, some of whom have on gone to become leaders in the CNC, and I trust that some of my values of humanity and standards have embedded into their style of management and leadership.

I have been supported in this role by my family, and I am forever in their debt and especially for their forbearance and patience when my role has impacted on their lives.

The building of relationships in my role has been my most effective and valuable tool in achieving our goals, and I suspect they will be as I move into my new role within the European Confederation of Police

The effective operational delivery during this festive period undoubtedly will be a challenge for the CNC, and this picture is replicated across the whole of the Policing landscape. I trust you will all have some time to spend with your families and friends during this holiday period.

During the Christmas and New Year period both myself and Chairman Gary Thwaite will be on call to provide Federation representative services of an urgent nature.

We wish you all a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.