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Federation Chairman on importance of Police Treatment Centres: "Officers are not invincible. They're not immortal."

Mark Nelson, Chairman of the Civil Nuclear Police Federation, recently visited the Police Treatment Centres in Scotland and said the support the centres provide for police officers you just don't get anywhere else.

The Police Treatment Centres, led by CEO Patrick Cairns, provides treatment, support & recuperation for serving and retired police officers - with centres in Harrogate and Auchterarder, however currently only 56% of Civil Nuclear officers subscribe to their service.

Mark said: "Nothing hurts me more than when we get a sick or injured officer and we suggest they go to the PTC and they're not a member.

"You don't get better treatment than what they offer within The Police Treatment Centres. There's over 150 staff providing every service you can think of to deal with you. Whether it be your injury, your illness or your psychological wellbeing, they've got the facilities. I don't think people realise that until they actually attend the centre and see for themselves. "

To be a part of The Police Treatment Centre costs officers just 7.80 a month which equates to 1.08p a week, however for a two week stay at the centre you would receive more than 1,500 of treatment.

Mark continued "The demand on officers changes, how officers are injured, for instance they wear a lot more PPE now than they used to so they get different injuries, they get different illnesses.

"The PTC are at the forefront of knowing exactly what officers want, they do their homework.

"We need to get as many people signed up to it as possible. Officers are not invincible. They're not immortal. When you're in your 20s you think, 'I'm not going to need that place. I'm as fit as a fiddle'. But as you move through you can get injuries. Age plays a part. So it's a must. For what is costs it's an absolute must.

"I can only praise the work The Police Treatment Centres do."

To sign up for The Police Treatment centre visit the force intranet or Civil Nuclear Police Federation website to find forms. Alternatively contact one of your reps.