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Ministerial resignation

As many of you will be aware, our sponsoring BEIS Minister, Richard Harrington MP, resigned this week over Brexit. We would like to thank him for meeting with us last year and helping to raise our concerns with HMT and Cabinet Office.

While we have seen encouraging strides over Mr Harrington's tenure, our task with a new minister remains one of persuading the Government to accept that there is little or no prospect of any CNC AFO serving beyond 60 and will eventually undermine the UK's national security.

As evidenced in Patricia Gibson's recent Westminster debate, the Government fails to recognise the morally questionable position of instituting a retirement age in full knowledge of irrefutable medical, military and police professional advice that the vast majority of officers will simply fail to reach a retirement age of 67/68.

We expect to engage constructively with the new minister whenever he or she is appointed.

Nigel Dennis CE0