Ambulances to the Gambia

January 2022

Charity Challenge by Civil Nuclear Constabularu Officers

Two Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers are taking part in a charity challenge driving a fleet of much-needed ambulances 2,800 miles to The Gambia.

PC Ben Rotherham from Sellafield and PC Thomas Pittman from Harwell will join 30 other police officers from around Europe for the charity event, organised by the International Police Association (IPA).

Operation Zephyr is a life-changing vehicle convoy across two continents to deliver 30 ambulances - as well as a fire engine and containers of medical equipment - to The Gambia in West Africa. The ambulances will be delivered to community hospitals that have been newly set up to look after babies and families with little to no income.

Ben said: "The event is delayed due to COVID and we're now due to set off from Barcelona in mid-September. It will take about six days, with three people to a team taking terms driving. It'll be a big trip, but it's well worth it."

He explained: "They don't have a dedicated hospital or fire service down there, and if they need medical help they've got to find their way to one small area. They end up coming in wheelbarrows, any kind of transport they can find, and it takes them days to get there on foot.

"With these ambulances they can drive out to remoter areas. The area has a high mortality rate for infants and pregnant women, and people with loss of limbs and other major medical issues unfortunately don't have the chances that we have."

Ben said: "Operation Zephyr promises to make a real difference to the lives of some of the poorest people in the world and give them access to treatment in an emergency. To take part, Tom and I need to raise a minimum of £2,400 each to help fund the ambulances. Any donation, however small, will help us achieve this life-saving goal."

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