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The Police Treatment Centres

The General Secretary is pleased to report that the CNP Federation has been accepted for this service. Application forms are available from the General Secretary or from the website direct. www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org/en/cat/Home.aspx. Subscriptions may be paid by direct debit.

Click here for further details about the Norther Police Convalescent & Treatment Centre.

There is now also a new website for the St George's Police Trust - www.stgeorgespolicetrust.org,

Benenden Healthcare

This service is now available to members, offering first class health care for members and their families at a cost of £1.10 per person per week.

Services include: 24hour GP telephone consultation; Fast local consultations; Cancer care support; Medical treatment and surgery; Long term care advisory service; and Discounts at Health club and Health screening

For further information call 0845 600 2121 or visit the website www.benenden.org.uk.

Financial Advisors; George Hay & Co, 83 Cambridge Street, Pimlico, London, SWIV 4PS.

Adam Griffin. (Close Management)

Legal; Russel Jones&Walker, Swinton House, 324 Grays Inn Road, London, WCIX 8DR.

Hughes Dowdall & Co, 214 Bath Street Glasgow G2 4HS.

Bankers; Lloyds Bank, Fishergate, Preston, Lancashire, PRI 2JB.

Please use the links to some of the services we provide.

  •    Legal Advice and assistance
  •    FederationBenevolent Fund
  •    Leisure Time
  • We also provide the following information and advice for the following areas:
  •    Mortgage Advisor
  •    Human Rights
  •    Debt Counseling
  •    Conditions of Employment
  •    Investment Advice
  •    Morbidity and Mortality Schemes
  •    Health and Safety
  •    European Working Time Directive
  •    Bank Loans (Hamilton Bank)
  •    Credit Unions