Copperpot Credit Union

No1 Copperpot Credit Union

This not-for-profit organisation aims to encourage its members to save, provide affordable borrowing options and provide financial education. With a growing membership of over 40,000 members, No1 Copperpot is one of the biggest police credit unions in the UK.

Becoming a member of the Credit Union means you will be a regular saver, putting aside at least £5 each month. This gives you access to apply for any of No1 Copperpot's products and services.

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All loan applications are personally reviewed by the No1 Copperpot's Loans Officers. They assess your application based on affordability, rather than just your credit score alone.

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Financial Wellbeing
Whether you're looking at how to manage existing debts, considering getting onto the property ladder or you want to get up to speed with the world of finance, there's information available for everyone.

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