The Nuclear Industry Benevolent Fund - Help and support when you need it most.

The Nuclear Industry Benevolent Fund (TNIBF) is a registered charity supporting those working or who have worked in the UK Nuclear Industry through the provision of support, signposting and financial assistance.

The Fund can provide assistance to cover short or long-term problems, where help cannot be obtained from any other source. Assistance is tailored to the individuals needs and circumstances. All you need to do is provide details of your income and expenditure and the type of assistance you require. You need not be a contributor to the Fund and assistance can include dependent family members.

In addition to providing support for those in financial hardship, the Fund has recently launched a Bursary Scheme which can provide financial assistance to those who are working in the nuclear industry, or are aspiring to, and are struggling financially to meet their chosen training or development route. Examples of our help include support with undergraduate fees, short training courses, equipment etc.

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