The National Police Healthcare Scheme

22 May 2024

The National Police Healthcare Scheme is a private healthcare plan run by police officers for the whole police family.

Since 1989, the organisation has provided serving and retired officers, police staff, and their families with swift access to the best private medical treatment available - at not-for-profit rates.

With long NHS waiting lists, we know colleagues can face treatment delays, which then impact on their work and personal life.

The scheme covers the cost of consultant fees, diagnostic procedures/tests, surgical procedures and all relevant treatments and follow-ups, as well as treatment such as physiotherapy and chiropractic. Plus, pre-existing conditions are covered after two years.

Also included is the cost of the Police Treatment Centres and the scheme has two holiday cottages in Northumberland, available to hire exclusively by scheme members at not-for-profit rates.

The costs vary by age and whether cover is required for family members. Student officers receive free membership for the first year while serving officers and staff have the first three months free of charge.

To gauge the level of interest in the scheme, we have emailed members with a link to a poll. Please let us know your views by Friday 14 June.

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